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Welcome to Mild Records :-)

We are a record company made out of sheer love for dreamy, visual and ambient music, and we get our impulses from the whole planet.

Our simple wish is to share our music with as many people as possible.

The people behind Mild Records are a group of artists in Copenhagen, Denmark, who started this label to work free from the monopolies and rules of large scale business.

Today it is possible to make music from the heart with only small investments. This is why we started Mild Records: to create a platform where focus is on the results, not on the profit.
We want to stay focused on the most important – namely the music, the art, and the inspiration.

Download or print our catalogue in English or Danish language:

We hope you will enjoy the it.
May the music be with you.


Mik Aidt
Director, Mild Records

Mild Records distributes...

Mild Records distributes a number of independent musicians' albums which we consider of high musical standard in that field of "visionary world/fusion" which Mild Records stands for.
They are:

Gimo Mendes: 'A Luz"
    African / Moçambique / soft jazz

Fuat Talay: 'Sufisticated'
    Turkish / Oriental / ambient electronica

Gazi Peker: 'Kismet'
    Kurdish-Turkish / electronica / experimental

Mild Records recommends...

• Recommended reading
New Artist Model – by Dave Kusek, Vice President at Berklee College of Music, 21 October 2007

• Recommended musicians and networking associates: (

• Recommended 'world DJs' in Copenhagen:

DJ Caplu (Gustavo Caplunik, is one of Copenhagen's leading world music DJs. He plays reggae, arabtronic, world house, Brazilian, salsa, ethnic funk and balkan music. He is often DJ at Samsara Dance Club.

DJ Gulliver (Mikkel Hornnes, & spreads hot Balkan beats on the dancefloors. He takes active part in the party, heating up the crowd with his metal castagnettes and playing along several of his own remixes of party crackers on the trumpet. Often he features one or more extra live musicians along with the Balkan gypsy beats. The DJ Gulliver Show is not just another ordinary DJ act.

DJ Mik (Mik Aidt, runs a socalled Hot Shot Tropical Discoteque which includes lounge, dance and disco music from many corners of the world, and typically is combined with video and slides on screens and walls in the dance hall.

DJ Peker (Gazi Peker, has specialised in 'ethnic lounge', which is a real pleasure to listen to - and he also plays great global dance music, with a tendency to focus on the Middle Eastern but also mixing with African, Indian and a bit of Latin American and Spanish.

• Recommended music business coach and producer:
Michael Lyhne
, som driver

• Recommended (African) dance instructor:
Janie Candle
(Facebook / Email) – brænder for den afrikanske kultur og har undervist i afrikansk dans siden 1981, laver latter events og workshops med krop, sang, og latter / lyd, leg og latter.

• For interesting Danish music, we recommend:

• For reading about Danish world music, we recommend:


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• Snail mail address:

   Mild Records
   Kongelundsvej 98 E
   DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Bank details

Mild Records is a part of Interculture
and has CVR-no 27250114

VAT ID: DK27250114

Payment to Mild Records from outside Denmark

Registration and account number: 1199-0012179057

Transfer of money through S.W.I.F.T. banking system to:
   Danske Bank
   Girostroget 1
   DK-0800 Hoje Taastrup

Tel: 70127022
TELEX: 27000 ddb dk
IBAN: DK8430000012179057

Albums & artists

Fuat Talay

Gazi Peker

Gimo Mendes
'A Luz'

Gudrun Holck

Padma Bronée
'Afspænding og fordybelse'

Pernilla Aidt

Pernilla Aidt
'Songs that

'Balad Djemil' at CDBaby


Most of Mild Records' albums can be purchased online with a credit card.
Check: CDbaby