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Albums on Mild Records

Songs that dream’
Tribute to the dreamers – an account of love and dreams in the Real World

Pernilla Aidt • MILDCD005 • December 2007

In the dreamy musical universe of Pernilla's second album, she has further developed her own personal and unique style of “visual” and very emotional music. An intimate and vulnerable expression, characterised by poetic song-collages mixed with sound recordings, and where many of the song lyrics are directly inspired from diary notes and e-mails from real life.
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Balad Djemil’
Widescreen soundscape of an African journey

Travelog • MILDCD004 • Januar 2007

The music ‘audiolises’ a travelogue of experiences and real life sound recordings from month-long journeys in Sudan in 1981-1992 – on foot as well as on the roof of trains, on top of trucks and on river steamers. Memories turned into music. Featuring the singers Tchando Embalo, Gudrun Holck and Pernilla Aidt.
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Afspænding og fordybelse’

Yoga-CD with speak in Danish language and ambient instrumental music

Padma Bronée • MILDCD003 • December 2006

En yoga afspændings-CD til at berolige og afstresse
både fysisk og psykisk. Den hjælper lytteren til at sætte fokus på sit eget forunderlige og værdifulde indre. Musikken er lavet af Travelog.


Voice with global and primeval Nordic forces

Gudrun Holck • MILDCD002 • June 2004

Welcome to a journey through the straying universe of the human voice. The music of Gudrun Holck is based on the many possibilities within the voice, giving it a very personal expression. It cannot be defined as a particular genre or style, but is inspired by contemporary as well as ancient vocal traditions, with an open view to the world.
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Musical images of nature and love

Pernilla Aidt • MILDCD001 • October 2003

Stunning nature and deep feelings. That's what inspired Pernilla Aidt when she composed the music for her debut album 'Serene'. It was to be personal and honest.
Romantic, atmospheric, ambient pop with a touch of jazz and classical.
The first album published by Mild Records.
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Albums & artists

Pernilla Aidt
'Songs that dream'

'Balad Djemil'

Padma Bronée:
'Afspænding og fordybelse'

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Pernilla Aidt