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Gudrun Holck's
new album ‘Muse’

Voice with Global and Primeval Nordic Forces

Welcome to a journey through the straying universe of the human voice. Gudrun Holck’s album debut: ‘Muse’.

Streams of fantasy, playful song. Soulful whispering, sensual grooves, shouts.
From icebergs across waters to the deserts.
Eskimo drum songs. Scandinavian kula-singing.
Bulgarian metallic sounds.
The pygmy-polyphony of the rain forest.
Indian blues. Afro beats.
Earth-drones of the Australian didgeridoo.

Great calm and great fierceness.

The music of Gudrun Holck is based on the many possibilities within the voice, giving it a very personal expression. It cannot be defined as a particular genre or style, but is inspired by contemporary as well as ancient vocal traditions, with an open view to the world.

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Latest news

Meet Gudrun at the WOMEX trade fair
– October 2007:
Gudrun Holck participates again as delegate at the international World Music Expo and Conference WOMEX 2007 in October, presenting her arts.

New four-piece band – July 2007:
Gudrun Holck is preparing a tour with a new and smaller band in 2007-08. The character of her performances has changed, since she now occasionally invites a range of amazing guest artist to join her on stage. On such artist is the renowned accordian player Lelo Nika who will be joining her at a performance in Copenhagen on 31 August 2007.

Meet Gudrun at the WOMEX trade fair – 25 October 2006:
Gudrun Holck participates as delegate at the international World Music Expo and Conference WOMEX 2006 in Sevilla, Spain, on 26–29 October, presenting her arts.

New DVD – 25 October 2006:
Gudrun Holck: ‘Live in Copenhagen 2006’ Promotion DVD & Bonus CD
now available on request, and at Womex in Sevilla 2006. See cover

New remixes – 25 October 2006:
Listen to the new Sound Astound remixes of two songs from Gudrun Holck’s debut album ‘Muse’. Click here:
Chanting for the Unborn Child
Angels Sang’ 

Nomination to Danish award
– 13 October 2006:
The song ‘So Who Are You’ by Gudrun Holck and Michael Jost has been nominated for the Danish World Awards 2006, and Samoulangawhich features Gudrun Holck together with Tchando from Guineé Bissau is nominated as well. Read more.

African album ready – 1 June 2006:
Gudrun Holck participates on the Danish-Sudanese fusion album ‘Balad Djemil’ by Travelog. Listen to an excerpt of Samoulanga

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Calendar of events

For information about upcoming concerts with Gudrun Holck, go to:

For info on tour dates, concerts, broadcasts, participation in conferences, etc: click here


• Singular path
– 'Muse' reviewed in the international music magazine Mondomix, by Daniel Brown

• Jungle force – 'Muse' reviewed in the Swedish music magazine Lira, by Mats Palmquist

• Catching pace and depth – 'Muse' reviewed in Ground Zero, Underground Music Magazine, by Sophie Mørkholt Rasmussen

• Vocal jungle of surprising, strangely liberating and enticing sounds
– 'Muse' reviewed in Djembe Magazine, by Karen Mohr Sokkelund

• ‘Urkoen Audhumla svarer säterpigens kalden’
– 'Muse' and Gudrun Holck's release-concert in Cafe Mandela 29 June 2004 reviewed by Peter Bischoff

• Cries and Whispers – Concert review in the the daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende, October 23, 2000, by Ursula Andkjær Olsen

• Photo reportage from concert at Etnorama – by Kheyal

About Gudrun Holck

Gudrun Holck, born 1971, lived in West Africa for four years and dedicates her debut to Fela Kuti, the Afrobeat musician who was her host and teacher for a year in Nigeria during the mid 1990’s.

Her solo performances and her cooperation with well-known African artists such as Habib Koité and Toumani Diabaté, her years as a singer with the Muzi DanZim Band, and a series of concerts called “Northern Voices with a View to the World”, has taken her from Bamako in Mali via Damascus in Syria and Falun in Sweden to Nuuk in Greenland.

Gudrun Holck is a professional vocal teacher, and she arranges workshops
in song technique, expression, improvisation and total-performance.
Performing on the album are among others Marilyn Mazur (drums and percussion, DK), Eva Åström Rune (vocal, SE) and Robert Davis (didgeridoo, percussion and backup vocals, UK).
The album is produced by Gudrun Holck.

Music originating from ancient roots bringing something new to the world.

Audio clips

 Listen to audio clips from the album 'Muse'

Concert photo album

Click on the photos to take a closer look, or: start here

Klaverfabrikken, 27th of January 2005

Krudttønden, 30th of April, 2005

More photos can be viewed at:

Video clips

MPEG video-clip from the 'Muse' album release concert:


Clip 1      Clip 2

RealPlayer video-clip from the album realease concert:


  Clip 3: ‘Ajaja’
  Clip 4: ‘Cross the Stream’

Press service: photos for download

– in high resolution for print

Photo 1 (3.9 MB)
Photo 2 (1.5 MB)
Photo 3 (0.9 MB)

Cover photo (2.8 MB)
Collage 4 (3.7 MB)

Photo & graphics by Chris Adam, Arturro
Collage 5 (3.3 MB)

Photo by Elizabeth Heltoft & graphics by Chris Adam, Arturro

Photos from the 'Muse' launch concert

The album release concert: Full house at Mandela Café in Copenhagen on June 29, 2004.



Print material

Download: A3 poster in pdf-format

Download: A3 poster in jpg-format

Print: A4-poster in pdf-format

 Print: Press release about ‘Muse’ in pdf-format

 Print: Press release about live tour in jpg-format

Album info

Album title: ‘Muse’
Catalogue number: MILDCD002
Barcode: 5706725900186
Price code: PK91
Album release DK: Juni 29, 2004
Distribution: Cope Records – GDC

Online distribution: CD-skiven
Shop sales in Denmark: Guf and Moskito



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'Muse' is available online on CDskiven
You can listen to audio clips from the album there as well

In Denmark, Muse’ can be purchased in the chain-store GUF, and in Moskito Music World, Nørregade 33, Copenhagen.

Press Quotes

“Such diversity in a first solo album reflects Holck’s audacity and confidence...”
January 2006

“Gudrun Holck has an amazing voice with enormous resources...”

Lira Magazine,
February 2005

“Juicy and powerful compositions... which more than anything else have indisputable and irresistible power...”
Concert review from Den Sorte Diamant, Copenhagen, in the daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende, October 2000

“Everything starts with song. I have always been fascinated and inspired by the many possibilities within the human voice.”
Gudrun Holck in a live concert interview in Bolero, Danish Radio P2, June 21st 2003

“Courageous and uncompromising exploration of the possibilities of the vocal power. Far from the mainstream music of our time. And thank God for that.”
Peter Bischoff, MS, July 2004

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