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Catching pace and depth

Review in GROUND ZERO –- Underground Music Magazine

By Sophie Mørkholt Rasmussen

'Muse' is inspired by and dedicated to Gudrun's late teacher Fela Anikulapo Kuti from Nigeria. One of the songs appear on Danish World Awards's musical sampler from 2004. Muse is complicated... And at the same time very beautiful. Yours truly has a hard time reviewing this musical style, but that of course is not gonna stop me. The musical side of the record is exciting. Some of the beats with pace and depth catches you straight away. I have no knowledge of the individual effects, some of them homemade, but the use og various instruments does tickle my curiosity. No discords. Your fingers tap; very inviting. No provocative. The music seems familiar but has by God never before been played on my stereo system. I suppose you could call it primitive sounds. Words easily labeling World Music, but not meant to be derogatory.
The use of breathing as an instrument and part of the beat is exciting and sounds really cool and creeps under your skin. Unfortunately the vocals are a cause of distress. My Danish ears and my americanised sense of bel canto regard it as disharmony. Different musical traditions use other sounds, so maybe it's justified. The source of my irritation is partly in the fact that the lyrics are in English. It seem too distant.
It's my personal opinion that Gudrun for the sake of authentisity should have used her own original language, adding to the intensity of the album.

Translated from Danish
by Birte Frid-Nielsen.

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Album info

Album title: ‘Muse’
Catalogue number: MILDCD002
Album release DK: June 29, 2004
Distribution: Cope Records – GDC

Online distribution: CD-skiven

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'Muse' by Gudrun Holck is Mild Records’ second album.
In October 2003, we published the debut album of the Danish-French singer
Pernilla Aidt.
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The album 'Muse' is available online at CDskiven