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Jungle force

Review in LIRA Music Magazine, February 2005

By Mats Palmquist

Gudrun Holck
Mild Records

Using her voice as an instrument, Danish Gudrun Holck creates a link between the Nordic troll forrest and the African plain. The percussionist Marilyn Mazur supports an otherwise solo Gudrun Holck. The rhythm is released, and a song such as 'Coming out of the Bush' makes even a wooden old journalist shake his hips. The album also includes live recordigs with the Swedish singer Eva Åström Rune and the percussionist Robert Davies (also playing the didgeridoo), Jim Gage, and Kenneth Franzén.
Gudrun Holck has an amazing voice with enormous resources. There is no hesitation in her appearance, no fear, but a believe in the healing powers of music. She is compared to Lena Wiljemark, which is a pitty really. She stands her own ground with a voice distinctly hers.

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Album info

Album title: ‘Muse’
Catalogue nummer: MILDCD002

Album release in Denmark: June 29, 2004
Distribution: Cope Records – GDC

Online distribution: CD-skiven

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'Muse' by Gudrun Holck is the second album from Mild Records.
'Serene' by Pernilla Aidt was published in 2003.
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'Muse' can be purchased online at CDskiven