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Supporting MSF's work in Sudan

By purchasing the album ‘Balad Djemil’ you support Læger uden Grænser's / Médecins Sans Frontières’ work in the crisis-stricken areas of Darfur in Sudan with five euros (DKK 37.50).

We update the news about the project and the sales of the CD on this page.

Appeal in Denmark

The total amount collected in Denmark by 23 June 2008 was:

Collected via CD-sales
DKK 3,285.00
Known additional donations directly to MSF
DKK 100.00
DKK 3,385.00

MSF in Sudan

MSF – Médecins Sans Frontières – is an independent international medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural or man-made disasters, or exclusion from health care in more than 70 countries.

Travelog has had a special experience with the MSF organisation. In 1985, when a member of Travelog was hiking in the Djebel Marra mountains of the Darfur region in Sudan, a British travel companion fell over a cliff and broke his neck. They asked for help at the MSF headquarters in the nearest town, Nyala, and after a dramatic rescue operation, a team from MSF succeeded in rescuing him, saving his life.

MSF in Denmark is called Læger uden Grænser.

Læger uden Grænser’s descriptions of the situation in Sudan (in Danish):
• ‘MSF hjælper i Darfur - trods risiko’ (10. november 2006)
• ‘Sydsudan – Trods fred: udtømte ressourcer, sult og sygdom’ (12. januar 2006)

• Support MSF Denmark directly
Hjælp med 100 kroner: sms STØT til 1241.

• More information about and

• Factual information about Sudan in Wikipedia.

The music

• More information and news about Travelog and ‘Balad Djemil’

• Listen to four of the tracks from the album on

• In Denmark the album can be purchased on

• It can also be obtained by sending an e-mail with name and address to – paying DKK 149 to giro account 1-217-9057 (BG Bank) for postage within Denmark. (Outside Denmark the figure is 28 euro, including postage)
Netbanking: account number: 1199-0012179057


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